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Modii and Parking Logix Announce Strategic Partnership

“Know Before You Go!” - An omni channel availability Solution

Parking presents a multitude of challenges, and as a company dedicated to overcoming these hurdles through technological innovation, our objective is to alleviate the common frustrations associated with parking in urban areas, universities, event venues, operators, and private lots. At Athena, we take pride in integrating collaborative technologies to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to any environment.

Parking Logix and Modii Announce Strategic Partnership

Our premier technology partners, Modii and Parking Logix, have forged a strategic alliance to provide drivers with effortless access to real-time parking availability through multiple channels. Additionally, administrators can access comprehensive parking data to streamline their operations. Essentially, Modii and Parking Logix are equipping drivers with the necessary information to effortlessly find the best parking spots before starting their journey.

The collaboration between Parking Logix and Modii equips users with the ability to gather, manage, monitor, and display parking availability information in real time, all at their fingertips. Utilizing cutting-edge sensors and data analytics, users receive instant updates on parking availability in lots, garages, and even on-street parking spaces. Accessing this information within seconds via their smartphones saves drivers valuable time and spares them the frustration typically associated with the hunt for parking.

Modii and Parking Logix Announce Strategic Partnership

The extensive adoption of omni-channel availability has already showcased significant advantages in numerous esteemed universities and cities throughout the United States, supported by external research conducted by industry organizations. These implementations have brought about transformative effects, notably in streamlining parking operations and enriching the overall mobility experience for both drivers and administrators.

Students, faculty, and staff have the flexibility to tailor their parking choices based on their permits and the time of day, taking into account variables like campus events and construction. Meanwhile, visitors and tourists attending events can access anticipated availability before arrival and real-time updates during the event. Additionally, parking managers benefit from access to historical capacity statistics via a centralized dashboard, facilitating informed decision-making for events and data-driven actions based on the insights provided.

Omni-channel availability is already leveraged by the following Modii & Parking Logix customers:

The University of Texas, Arlington - The UTA Parking Finder features garages and lots where live availability is currently being displayed. This data is collected through advanced parking occupancy sensor technology at the entrance of the garage. Users can view availability percentages by clicking the high-demand areas where tracking is currently in place.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV chose to display a consolidated view of availability in their 3 garages on the landing page of their Parking Finder - UNLV Park N Go. Real-time occupancy counts are collected in garages through Parking Logix sensors found at the entrance of each garage, then fed to Modii to communicate to users before they depart.

City of St. Augustine, Florida,  - The St. Augustine Parking Finder displays both off-street and curb occupancy, with capacity data collected at the major downtown garage using Parking Logix occupancy sensor technology. For the curb availability, Modii analyzes historical meter and payment data to indicate availability, and rather than providing occupancy statistics the parking finder employs descriptive terms such as, “Scarce”, “Limited” and “Likely”, each color-coordinated to signify the likelihood of finding available parking

The ongoing and dynamic partnership between Modii and Parking Logix is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to address parking challenges nationwide. With a primary focus on implementing smart parking systems for both drivers and administrators, their collaboration aims to make life a little bit easier for everyone.

This commitment is something we firmly stand behind at Athena, as we and our partners persistently strive to break the mold in the parking, transportation, mobility, and EV industries.

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About Athena Partners Strategy Group 

Leveraging a specialized network of partners, APSG is a governmental relations and technology consultancy guiding organizations in developing new business and launching solutions across parking, transportation, curb management, rideshare, law enforcement, public safety and sustainability sectors. More at

About Parking Logix  

Parking Logix is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with sales offices in the United States, Mexico, and India. It manufactures easy-to-install, wireless, plug-n-play, intuitive and affordable cloud-based solutions, primarily in off-street environments, providing the highest industry accuracy in occupancy data. The data is available in real-time, and the system can be solar-power based, avoiding the excessive costs associated with grid-powered solutions.

Parking Logix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Logix ITS. Logix ITS is a leader in real-time data capture through various sensor-based technologies utilizing edge computing and AI. It provides its customer base with real-time information based on its proprietary cloud-based solutions and has the largest population of connected devices in the traffic safety and intelligent transportation industry. More at

About Modii

Modii provides modern mobility solutions via a unified platform of digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. The innovative technology supports the digital transformation of urban areas and campuses while empowering thoughtful parking planning through data-driven insights. More at

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