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Modii Collaborates with St. Augustine, FL to Implement A New Era of Efficient Parking For The City

Modii continues to set the bar as the foundation for the modern Smart City

St. Augustine, FL. June 15, 2023Modii, a leader in smart mobility solutions, in collaboration with the City of St. Augustine is pleased to announce the launch of the St. Augustine Parking Finder website. The digital parking platform is designed to improve the parking experience for both tourists and residents - ensuring they are able to easily identify parking options and availability prior to visiting the historic downtown area. Drivers in St. Augustine are provided with efficient and convenient parking options directly to their phone, while also cutting the congestion caused by those circling to find parking.

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Key to the Parking Finder is the ability to see up-to-the-minute parking conditions, as well as live availability in the Historic Downtown Parking Facility, a 1,200 space parking garage. This will significantly help to reduce the time and frustration that the 6 million annual visitors to St. Augustine experience when parking, making it easier for everyone to find a convenient spot when visiting the city on vacation, dining or shopping.

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of our smart parking platform in a city as historic as St. Augustine," said Mark Frumar, President at Modii. "We believe that our technology will greatly benefit both the city, its residents and visitors by improving the experience of everyone visiting the area."

Another major benefit to Modii's smart parking innovation is the ability for parking administrators to make better-informed decisions in regards to the allocation of parking at peak times. The technology will allow parking administrators to easily update parking information and rules at any given point, to help with road closures, city events and more, reducing confusion and frustration while making it easier for everyone to park safely and legally.

"We are excited to collaborate with Modii to implement the St. Augustine Parking Finder website,” said Reuben Franklin, Assistant City Manager. “This innovative digital platform will greatly enhance the parking experience for residents and tourists visiting our historic downtown area. By leveraging real-time parking information and cutting-edge technology, we can alleviate congestion, improve traffic flow, and ensure that everyone can find parking options easily.”

Through a collaborative effort that involved the expertise and support of Smart North Florida, a leading organization dedicated to advancing smart city initiatives, this innovative digital platform will greatly enhance the parking experience for residents and tourists visiting the historic downtown area.

“The deployment of Modii in the City of St. Augustine is a powerful example of public sector innovation. We’re excited about this launch and feel that it best exemplifies the collaborative approach to making smart communities a reality. We’re grateful that Smart North Florida played a small part in this partnership", said Clayton Levins, Executive Director at Smart North Florida.

The St. Augustine Parking Finder is the perfect tool for anyone who lives in or visits St. Augustine and needs to know the best places to park or to better understand parking regulations. With a view to further expand incorporating multi-modal transportation options, Modii is helping to reduce frustration for both residents and visitors, while also making the city's streets safer and less congested.

Modii - St Augustine Parking Finder

Modii's innovative solutions have already been successfully implemented in multiple cities across the United States, as well as several of the largest university campuses. The company is committed to making parking and mobility easier for all - parking administrators, locals and visitors. If you're in St. Augustine and need help finding parking, be sure to check out the St. Augustine Parking Finder - It's a smart solution for a modern problem.

About Modii

Modii provides modern mobility solutions via a unified platform of digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. The innovative technology supports the digital transformation of urban areas and campuses while empowering thoughtful parking planning through data-driven insights.

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