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Athena Partners Strategy Group Announces Representation Partnership with BriefCam


Athena Partners Strategy Group is thrilled to announce a partnership with BriefCam

Athena will represent BriefCam nationwide helping to build a future where video data is widely accessible, usable, and insightful for a smarter, better world.

Anaheim, CA – January 13, 2022– Athena Partners Strategy Group LLC (APSG), known for its national presence through its unrivaled network of partners, is now representing BriefCam, a provider of comprehensive video analytics technology software for transforming video into actionable intelligence.

Athena Partners Strategy Group Announces Representation Partnership with BriefCam
Video Content Analytics solutions

BriefCam is renowned for their patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS®; technology enabling users to review hours of video in minutes and rapidly pinpoint objects of interest. The comprehensive platform also provides real-time alerting for situational awareness and quantitative video insights for deriving operational intelligence to customers worldwide.

Almost every institution today has video surveillance cameras running 24×7, protecting employees, safeguarding customers, and ensuring the sanctuary of residents. Increasingly, video footage is also being relied on to enhance real-time response, assist in prevention of unwelcome activity, and spot opportunities for productivity and enhanced operational efficiency.

BriefCam optimizes the investment in cameras and surveillance infrastructure, to provide serve help you find exactly what you’re looking for, putting you two steps ahead of suspects, competitors, and complex situations.

“It is a privilege to be partnered with BriefCam.” says Ryan Robinson, Managing Partner at APSG. “The technology is groundbreaking, fitting perfectly with the APSG philosophy of bringing the best technologies to our network. Better still, the people of BriefCam are wonderful and bring a contagious enthusiasm for change. We are excited to kick off a long-term partnership with such a world class organization.

Through BriefCam’s comprehensive video analytics platform, organizations can rapidly detect, track, identify, search and view thousands of objects in every scene, and understand trends gleaned from video content, totally transforming how organizations use video. As the industry’s leading provider of Video Content Analytics solutions, BriefCam enables customers to:

● Rapidly search and identify people and objects of interest

● Receive real-time notifications of critical events

● Dynamically analyze trends in video content to influence and optimize operations

The depth of BriefCam’s video analytics and cross functional applications maximize the ROI of video surveillance and help transform how organizations operate.

game-changing provider of video analytics technology software

About Athena PSG

Athena PSG has quickly made a name for itself as the logical choice for government relations and technology representation. Its network of partners is known for their formidable industry knowledge in providing products, services, and technology solutions to governmental, educational, and commercial entities, and the communities they serve. Athena PSG offers its expertise in parking and parking enforcement, transportation and mobility, curb management and rideshare, law enforcement and public safety, and green initiatives - such as the EV market. For more information, visit or athenapsg on LinkedIn

About BriefCam

BriefCam® is the leading provider of video analytics software that enables people, companies, and communities to unlock the value of video surveillance content. Delivering accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions, BriefCam’s video analytics platform provides valuable insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence. VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology is a registered trademark of BriefCam, Ltd. For more information about BriefCam’s video content analytics solutions, visit

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