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Summon Announces Partnership with Athena Partners Strategy Group


Uniting relationships and experience with cutting-edge technology to elevate valet services nationwide.

Anaheim, California – Athena Partners Strategy Group (APSG), recognized for its advanced technology expertise, is set to elevate Summon's already remarkable achievements in the valet parking technology and services industry.

Summon is a modern alternative to the traditional paper ticket operation by issuing digital tickets and allowing customers to request their vehicles ahead from any mobile device.

Summon Valet and Athena Partners Strategy Group

Summon originated from a dedication to address customer concerns and empathize with their viewpoint. Founded by individuals with a strong product-oriented approach, the solution offers an enhanced, user-friendly experience while efficiently digitizing valet operations without unnecessary complexities.

"Embracing innovative technology in valet services revolutionizes the guest experience," says Natasha Woods, Managing Partner at Athena Partners Strategy Group. "Ensuring seamless, efficient, and secure parking solutions for a new era of hospitality."

The partnership between Summon and Athena signifies a pivotal moment in the progression of valet parking services within the parking, transportation, and mobility industry. Through the fusion of Summon's innovation and user-friendly approach with Athena's deep industry insights and relationships, this collaboration promises to redefine the standard of valet services across the country.

"We believe that listening to our customers and understanding their needs is fundamental," says Esteban Gonzalez, CEO at Summon. "This partnership with Athena will allow us to actively engage industry operators, delivering an exceptional valet experience."

Benefits of Summon Ticketless Valet Solution

About Summon

Summon is the leading valet parking app revolutionizing the industry with its automation and contactless payment capabilities. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a seamless, ticketless valet experience with Summon. More at

About Athena Partners Strategy Group

Leveraging a specialized network of partners, APSG is a governmental relations and technology consultancy guiding organizations in developing new business and launching solutions across parking, transportation, curb management, rideshare, law enforcement, public safety and sustainability sectors. More at

Athena Partners Strategy Group Contact:

Natasha Woods

Managing Partner

Summon Contact:

Esteban Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer


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