welcome to the future of data


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give your agency the capability to produce and visualize

data utilization for a modern agency

  • What if your data could be continuously observable from one easy to use reporting tool?

  • What if you had access to dashboards with continuous informational feedback? ​

  • What if your data could be fully automated to provide efficiency and peace of mind?

In today's modern world, no product or service can be utilized without the collection, evaluation, and management of relevant data. This will become an integral part of any agency that is looking to adapt to the ever-changing needs and demands of the market and the communities they serve.

Industry product/service providers produce vast amounts of data that is generally shared with agencies through their proprietary (siloed) channels. The obvious goal for all agencies is to use this data for observation, intelligence, transparency, evaluation, and strategic decision making. However, this has been proven to be quite a challenge, as agencies have been burdened with having to internally sort between each data source to provide/create visualization/reports; oftentimes manually. agencies are overwhelmed with data without any ability for management and interpretation. This in turn leads to a lack of efficiency and informed decisions.

take command of your data

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Take command of your Data with the capability to create and observe reports and dashboards automatically and in real time. Give your agency true transparency and oversight to make quick and informed decisions for policy and action plans. Some examples include:

  • Saturation of LPR detections in relation to citations written in a specific area

  • Citations written by officer, time and location, in correlation to a city technology implementation

  • Automated occupancy trends to plan: upgrades, enforcement routes, or demand-based solutions

  • Demographic studies on ticket impact on community, possible inequalities, and citizen engagement to encourage compliance

welcome to the future of data